Riot Points Generator

Having the ability to generate free Riot Points anytime is probably a dream of every League of Legends player. And trust me when I say that it used to be my dream as well. Used to be? Yes, cause now it’s not a dream anymore. With the help of this riot points generator program now I have the ability to generate free RP anytime I want. And you can the same as well.

Just click the link above to visit the official page of the RP hack. Click the button and you will go to their online application where you can start generate the RP to your account. As you can see the forms are very simple to follow, just input the required data and hit the generate button. In just a few minutes, sometime under a minute, you will see the result on your League of Legends account.

Can’t believe it’s true? I don’t blame you. I also didn’t believe it myself at first. There’s no way this little simple tool will work, right? But trust me, this riot points hack application really works. For now, jst believe me, visit the page above, follow the steps, and thank me later. I will be here.

But, is it safe to use this tool. Will they able to find me and get me in trouble? A tool like this League of Legends hack, if it really works, will surely a big threat to their business. I don’t want to have any trouble here, after all I’m just a gamer.

OK, I can understand that concern cause actually that was my concern as well when I found this tool at the first time. I can assure you that it is very safe to use this riot points hack program, I’m the living proof here. But I will give you a little clue here to make you sure that you’re safe.

First of all, it’s an online program. It means the application is run on their server. You will not need to download and install anything to run it. The entire system is done online right from their own server. It means that you will be hidden behind their server. There’s no way your IP address will be shown, so they can’t trace you back since all they can see is the server IP address.

Another plus of it is, you will be able to run the program anywhere anytime with any device you have. All you need is a device connected to internet with modern browser installed. You can even run the program from your smart phone. The program interface will be a bit different on mobile devices but you will not have any problem running it.

Sometimes they will have a high peak season, it is where there are too many people accessing and using the program at the same time. It will make the system run a bit slower, so be patient when it happens. And maybe you will have to proof that you are not a computer bot by completing a simple quiz to prove you are real human. Just simple quiz, you will not have a problem to finsih it.

So, if you are an avid league of legends gamer like me, you will definitely love this riot points generator tool. You can have literally unlimited free Riot Points with the help of it. So, have fun and enjoy the game, but don’t forget that you only have 24 hours a day. Don’t spend it all in the game.

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